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At Website Design Chicago, we’ll seamlessly recreate your WordPress site in Webflow. While WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) you need to install on your hosting server, Webflow is a SaaS application without any of the headaches that plague WordPress. 

What’s Site Migration? 

At Website Design Chicago, we’ll seamlessly recreate your WordPress site in Webflow. While WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) you need to install on your hosting server, Webflow is a SaaS application without any of the headaches that plague WordPress. 

Migration means moving a site from one hosting platform to another while keeping all your organic traffic and your site's SEO ranking. All your old WordPress content, including icons, typography, colors, and images, will be moved to Webflow without a single bit of data getting lost.

No Plugins Mean Fewer Problems 

Supposedly, technology experts designed plugins to make site owners' lives easier. However, the reality turns out to be quite a bit different. That's because the more plugins your site has, the more problems it will have. For example, some plugins add bloated JavaScript code, significantly increasing page loading time.

Slow-loading pages can increase your bounce rate, which is how often visitors leave your site without taking any action. This problem can lead to Google ranking your site lower in the search engine results.

With open-source software such as WordPress, it's easier to get hacked than with a closed-source, cloud-based platform like Webflow. The constant updates put out by WordPress increases the risk of crippling cyber-attacks and can interfere with the smooth functioning of your site. Sometimes a simple update can drastically alter your site's appearance or effectiveness, which could take a lot of time to troubleshoot and resolve.

It's gotten so bad that every time a third party unveils a new version of a plugin, people hold their collective breath hoping their sites won't come crashing down. A site plagued by frequent plugin-related problems won't make a good impression on first-time site visitors.

The amount of time you spend on your WordPress site each month to ensure it doesn't get hacked can get ridiculous. However, it's crucial because if a plugin creates a security breach, hackers can mercilessly exploit it to infiltrate your site. 

If that happens, you risk getting your data stolen. A cyber-attack on your WordPress site can waste hours of your time, cost a lot of money, and irrevocably damage your authority and reputation.

The good news is Webflow doesn’t need plugins to function. Instead, there are settings built into the software you can use to easily add whatever functionality you need. For example, Webflow doesn’t use built-in integrations for SEO instead of plugins. 

This makes everything so much easier!

WordPress vs. Webflow 

Webflow bills itself as the "no-code visual website builder." However, it's not merely a design tool—it's also a CMS and hosting platform. It offers the advantage of a visual editor but with the added ability to create a completely customized site from the ground up. 

Because designing and coding are no longer separate operations with Webflow, creating stunningly beautiful yet consummately functional web pages for your business takes less time.

The Challenges of Building a WordPress Site 

Because customization of WordPress themes requires advanced coding knowledge, it’s challenging to build a site from scratch with WordPress. While WordPress has come a long way in making it easier for users to make edits without coding, it’s still lightyears behind platforms like Webflow.

You'll need to learn the basics of HTML and CSS and how to use themes and plugins if you want to make significant changes to your site using WordPress. This means that if you go with this platform, you'll probably need a developer long-term (unfortunately). 

With WordPress, you constantly need to keep your security settings up to date, and it's easy for your site to break if you don't know what you're doing. There's very little support available outside of hiring a developer to fix it if it does break.

Webflow generates cleaner code than WordPress. Clean code is logical, easy to understand, isn’t overly long, and helps a site load faster. That’s important because the slower your site takes to load, the more likely a visitor will bounce. Besides, Google penalizes websites with slower-than-normal loading times.

With WordPress, you can’t edit an article’s meta description without a plugin such as Yost. However, Webflow allows you to do it natively. 

Unlike WordPress, with Webflow, you don't need a Google Analytics plugin to access the data this tool generates. All you need to do is paste your Google Analytics ID in, and voila! You're able to examine analytics to extract keen insights into your site's performance. 

WordPress first made its mark as a way for bloggers to get their message out into the world. While plugins such as WooCommerce let you transform what's essentially a blogging platform into an eCommerce one, they can be incredibly challenging to use. 

How a CDN (Content Delivery Network) Improves User Experience 

Webflow uses a CDN (content delivery network) which helps your pages load fast no matter where in the world a site visitor resides. A CDN serves your site files to visitors' devices from a server close to them. If you have customers all over the planet, a CDN can significantly improve the user experience.

The Ability to Do It Yourself 

Webflow gives users the powers of a developer without the difficulties that usually come with that role.

With Webflow, it’s exceedingly easy to make site changes on your own. Once we finish your site, you can use the highly intuitive Webflow editor to change text, images, and other elements without needing our help. However, we're always here if you ever require assistance or don't have the time or inclination to do it yourself.

To ensure your site functions smoothly, we provide regular maintenance, such as security and UI/UX upgrades, content updates, speed optimization, and monthly checkups. 

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